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Student im Labor

Research at the
School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences is a strong partner in industry-related and application-orientated research. We combine interdisciplinary research focusing on materials, analytics and applications in the life sciences.

Thanks to the strong research expertise at our school and the excellent modern infrastructure, research projects can be successfully carried out internally and in cooperation.

Research Institutions

Training and Research Centre Process Analysis & Technology

The Teaching and Research Center Process Analysis and Technology (PA&T) conducts industry-driven, application-oriented research in the field of knowledge-based production and intelligent product design.

Research Centre Smart Biomaterials

The Research Centre Smart Biomaterials pools the expertise of Reutlingen University in the fields of material science and biomedical applications.

Research activities

Issues relating to materials, analytics, and applications in the life sciences are worked on cooperatively in a dialogue between science and hands-on experience and transferred into practice. Students and doctoral candidates are actively involved in cooperative research and effectively supervised. Research is therefore an active component of teaching at our school.




The scientists at the School of Life Sciences publish their research results in renowned publications on a national and international level.

UNIVERSITY bibliography


By becoming a member of the Baden-Württemberg Doctoral Association, graduates with a passion for research in the field of life sciences can obtain their doctorate directly at Reutlingen University. Professors from the School of Life Sciences with a strong research background independently guide doctoral students to their doctorate.


to the Doctoral Association BADEN-WÜRTTEMBERG

Reutlingen Research Institute

The Reutlingen Research Institute (RRI) is a central service facility of Reutlingen University. It serves to support and develop all activities in the field of research and development.


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