Bachelor of Chemistry / part-time - BSc

Laboratory-relevant content and scientific and theoretical backgrounds

The distance learning chemistry programme is structured in such a way that you can continue to work and prepare for your next career step while working.

  • Study while working
    You will be able to concentrate on a range of specialised subjects that build on each other in a manageable amount of time.

  • In-depth expertise
    An ideal mix of combined self-study and live online tutorials.

  • Career-enhancing
    The practically-oriented degree programme provides extensive specialist knowledge and makes you a professional in your field.

Further advantages

  • The distance learning course is offered and organised in cooperation with  Springer Nature and the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University 
  • In order to convey the course content, approx. 88 study booklets were created for the distance learning programme, which were written by specialist authors especially for the distance learning programme. The study booklets determine the focus and pace of learning and serve as an optimised substitute of lectures for self-study.
  • An online tutorial is organised for you every two weeks. In the two-hour course, you will review material with the tutor and clarify any unanswered questions.
  • Your learning progress is assessed by means of exercises that you complete via an online platform.
  • In two attendance phases of two weeks each at the Faculty of Life Sciences, you will attend lectures and seminars, as well as participate in small group work and project work.
  • You can complete both the project work and the Bachelor's thesis at your workplace in the final semester. The topic and written work will be supervised, assessed, and finally evaluated by the lecturers of the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University.
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Key facts

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Admission requirements

Relevant training and professional experience

Language of instruction


Start of studies

Summer semester: April
Winter semester: October

Duration of study

Part-time study programme, 9 semesters

Location of study

Distance learning programme, laboratory phase in Reutlingen


Semester contribution on request

Admission requirements

Relevant training and professional experience are essential prerequisites for the chemistry distance learning programme. The distance learning programme is therefore only suitable for chemical laboratory technicians and chemical technical assistants who have already acquired and deepened this practical experience as part of their training and professional activity. Technical assistants in related professions (e.g. PTAs and BTAs) may also be considered on a case-by-case basis by the selection committee.

Seize new career opportunities in the middle of your career

This part-time distance learning programme provides you with the theoretical foundations for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

Structure and content

The course content of 16 modules is covered in textbooks, course booklets and online tutorials, which you can work on part-time with a time commitment of approx. 15 hours per week.

After the first and second year, you will have two attendance phases of two weeks each. During these phases, you will also be taught special methods of chemistry, scientific work and scientific research, and you will be optimally prepared for your Bachelor's thesis.

Once you have passed all the modules and completed the two attendance phases, you can complete the project and Bachelor's thesis at your workplace and submit it to the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University.

The Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University awards the following ECTS points for participants' achievements:

  • 106 ECTS points: Examinations in the distance learning B. Sc. Chemistry programme
  • 30 ECTS points: Laboratory technician training + 3 years of relevant professional experience
  • 24 ECTS points: Practical phase at the university
  • 20 ECTS points: Project and Bachelor's thesis

Upon successful completion of all the requirements, participants will receive a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with 180 ECTS points.

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Application deadlines: 31 January / 31 July

And after graduation?

As a graduate of the study programme, you will have sound specialist knowledge and a high level of language and social competence. In short: everything you need for challenging tasks in a global working environment.