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Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences

A unique course in the whole of Germany, our Bachelor’s degree programme in Biomedical Science focuses on researching the interplay between biological systems and materials. The course investigates the central question of how certain materials behave in the human body and gives students the opportunity to collaborate on pioneering subjects such as the development of blood analysis chips, bioengineered tissues and organs, and biocompatible implants.

This interdisciplinary degree programme incorporates chemistry, materials science and analytics as well as biology, fundamental medical knowledge and medical engineering. Students can also take courses in other subjects such as business administration, marketing and project management. Laboratory practicals and placements help students to develop methodological competencies and independent working skills.

Students can choose to work at a company or a research institute in Germany or abroad as part of their six-month industry placement in the fifth semester and subsequent bachelor’s thesis. Our accredited degree programme provides students with industry experience, valuable contacts for the start of their future career and specialist knowledge, giving them the skills and confidence to excel at an international level.

Students graduate with a Bachelor of Science after the seventh semester, which will open many valuable doors to industry, research and postgraduate study.

Key Facts
Admission requirements:German university entrance qualification (entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, subject-related entrance qualification, general higher education entrance qualification – “A-Levels“)
Admissions procedure: selection process
Application deadline:For the summer semester: 15 January
For the winter semester: 15 July
Beginning of course:summer and winter semester
Length of course:7 semesters
Available places:67 per year 
Semester abroad:optional
Degree:Bachelor of Science
Costs pro Semester:Student Union fee and contribution to administrative costs, dues to student representative organizations

Programme Director

Ralf Kemkemer
Prof. Dr. Ralf Kemkemer

Drop-in hours during term time: Tuesdays 12.30 p.m. to 1.30 p.m.

Building 2
Room 216

Phone +49 07121 271-2070

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Ralf Kemkemer
Prof. Dr. Ralf Kemkemer

Building 2 , Room 216

Phone +49 07121 271-2070